8ed build

Exalted Hero - 220pts
-Mark of Tzeentch
-Talisman of Preservation
-Charmed Shield
-Battle Standard Bearer
-Chaos Steed

What is there to say? I love this guy. Your BSB is a big deal and this guy is designed to take a cannonball or two to the face and keep on going. Maybe give him a cheap retinue of Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh to act as bullet catchers, or run him with knights. To recap:

1+/3++ Saves, a 2+ against his first hit, and a 2+ Look Out, Sir! against things like cannonballs. In combat he goes down to a 2+/3++ but switches on the smashy with his Str 7 flail. Could also give him like a Halberd for perma strength 6. Personal preference really.

He's definitely going to make an appearance in basically all of my armies unless I can think of a better BSB.


Sorcerer Lord - 394pts
-Level 4 Wizard, Lore of Death
-Armor of Destiny
-Necrotic Phylactery
-Infernal Puppet
-Favor of the Gods
-Chaos Steed

A bit light on protection, with 'only' a 3+/4++, but for a wizard that isn't half bad. Combine with the fact that he's immune to the Lores of Death and Nurgle (which encompass the great majority of sniping spells), and all the of the "Take x test or die" spells, when he's in a unit of Cav he's basically untouchable. He isn't much in combat, but then wizards almost never are. He's better than most though, he's probably gonna get himself some Eye of the Gods rolls with the Lore of Death.

Sure, it'll suck if he doesn't roll up the Purple Sun, being able to throw out three sniping spells is a major draw. Doom and Darkness + Hellcannon also makes me giggle. He is also a good magic defense in his way - +4 to dispel attempts, and if they try to Power Scroll their way to an Irresistible Force - well I have the Puppet. Hopefully, the Lore of Death will lend itself to generating power dice on its own. If not, a level 1 mana battery carrying the Power Familiar and Book of Secrets might be a decent investment. Means at minimum I'll have 3 more power dice than they do dispell dice before channeling. And who knows, maybe the weeny wizard will get some surprise kills with his Lore of Death knowledge.

If the book of secrets stays the same, having double/triple spirit leech from 2 casters makes me lol.

by 랄랄라라 | 2010/07/11 20:55 | 트랙백 | 덧글(0)

공지사항 겸 방명록 겸 안부게시판~!

안녕하세요! 반갑습니다~!

의욕상실하여 당분간 닫습니다.

그럼 즐거운하루 되시길!

by 랄랄라라 | 2008/12/31 23:05 | 트랙백 | 덧글(6)

처음으로 워머신 모델 사진찍어올렸다.

내일 밤에 나혼자 작업실에서 쓸쓸히 작업을 완료할 생각을 하니 한기가 드는것 같다.ㄷㄷ;;

이제 남은건... 데니, 코븐, 피스톨롸쓰2기, 리바이어던... 음... 응?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

by 랄랄라라 | 2008/05/05 23:05 | 재밌는 워머신. | 트랙백 | 덧글(3)

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